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KGlobal is committed in providing outstanding online courses for prospective leaders around the world. Our courses are diverse and range from business financing, management, marketing, and even the fundamental maths, English, and more.

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Kglobal University Operational Process

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Featured

KGlobal University is a social business  in the State of Massachusetts, USA. KGlobal University is run by a team of highly qualified academics and young professionals. KGlobal University offers two types of course delivery services. It works with universities in developing countries to help them implement Moodle as the Learning Management (LMS) Platform to offer their on campus face-to-face classes, implement blended learning, and deliver online courses. KGlobal University also offers MOOC courses for credit and professional development courses For MOOC courses instructors are selected from all over the world based on pre-determined criteria and the needs for the subject. Each instructor is treated as an entrepreneur and innovator whose duty is to design, develop, deliver and promote the course. For their services, they are paid 30% to 60%  of the course revenues and there is no upper limit to their earnings from the course. Courses can be offered  in  synchronous or asynchronous mode....

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Mission and Vision of KGlobal University

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 in Featured

The mission of Kglobal University is to bring scholars and learners together to share knowledge through formal means. Kglobal University by its high quality programs and activities makes expert knowledge available to meet the needs of the learners anywhere in the world. It addresses the educational needs of an individual and/or an institution by offering education in flexible formats through online media. Kglobal University makes educational opportunities accessible by all and enhances the quality of learning activities...

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Online Faculty Application

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Faculty Qualifications Faculty will be recruited based on faculty qualifications, experience, and subject matter relevance College or university teaching experience English language proficiency Subject area proficiency Ability to promote his/her course Online teaching experience will help but not required Recruitment process Kglobal University will maintain a faculty roster Faculty will be invited to send their resumes to be included in the faculty roster Kglobal University will invite selected faculty from the faculty roster to submit course proposals following KGlobal-U...

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