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Sharing Knowledge - Fulfilling Education

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KGlobal -U differentiates itself by offering quality courses at an affordable cost. It also promotes  US  and European universities to offer online degrees through articulation agreements between accredited universities  in developing countries.

It reduces the costs to the learners, gives more flexibility and added value. It primarily addresses the needs of the learners in developing countries. During first phase KGlobal -U will seek opportunities in Bangladesh, India and China.

K-Global Administration

Chairman: Dr. Mawdudur Rahman

President Knowledge Globalization Institute, and Professor, Suffolk University, Boston, MA, USA

Board of Academic Excellence

Prof. A.R. Chowdury, PhD, Marquette University, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Former Department Chair

Prof. Sandra Sutherland, PhD, Framingham State University, Boston, Massachusetts, Department Chair

Prof. Susan Atherton, JD, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, Former Associate Dean

Prof. Janice Griffith, PhD, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, Former Vice- President

Prof. Jim Kusch, PhD, Professor of Education, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus Previously of Wisconsin University, USA

Dr. Nargis Mahmud, ScD, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Globalization Institute, Formerly of Nashua Corporation, Nashua, New Hampshire

Prof. Jonathan Haughton PhD, Professor of Economics, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Prof.  Gail Sergenian, PhD,  Retired Associate  Professor of Accounting, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Prof.  Abu Jalal, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA




Attention Professors & Instructors

We invite universities and instructors (professors) from India, Bangladesh, and China to participate in creating the future of higher education.