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KGlobal University (KGU) is a non-degree giving university incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts.

KGU offers two types of courses:

  1. Credit course for university programs
  2. Course for skill and professional development

KGU credit courses can be taken to complement or supplement university degree programs or KGU Certificate Programs. Students and or faculty members can choose as many credit units as required. All courses meet high standards and are monitor very closely for quality.

KGU skills and professional development Courses can be taken to achieve professional or skills proficiency. Students who want to register in credit ourses must satisfy the prerequisites required for the course. All courses are taught in English. Proof of English language proficiency is a requirement for admission in a C- Course.

Courses listed here are work-in-process and will be available soon. Suggestions and proposals for courses are welcome.

Credit Courses


An introduction to the concepts, tools used to analysis corporate financial information to evaluate equity and debt securities of a business. Topics include: 1. Corporate capital structure, 2. Analysis of cash flow; 3. Analysis of accounting changes; 4) Off-balance sheet financing; and 5) Analysis investments of business combinations.

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This course focuses on accounting principles, concepts, and terminologies. Topics include the structure and information content of thebalance sheet, income statement, and the statement of cash flows.It develops analytical skills to evaluate financial performance of a company.

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This course dwells on the knowledge of business management principles and concepts such as, business planning, forecasting, inventory management, total quality management, business process and supply chain management and value chain.

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This course focuses on the principles and practices embracing the domain of sustainability. Of late,organizations are showing more awareness of the environmental, social and economic factors that would impact global future of their businesses in the longer term.

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Social Business

The will explore and emphasize the role of social business in the current times. It will look over the models and theories of social business as well as other social enterprises. We will try to understand why some firms would choose one model of social business versus the other enterprise/models. This course will also look specifically at the role of social business in the alleviation of poverty,

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This course provides an introduction to marketing concepts, tools and analyses of multidisciplinary information for making marketing decisions. Topics include customer behavior that affects marketing decisions, tools used to design marketing programs, skills to conduct market research, and the analysis of marketing decisions.

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Professional  and Skill development Courses

Custom online Courses

We work with training institutions, corporations, and government agencies to help them offer their training courses online

Spoken English

This course aims to prepare students with spoken English skills. After completing this course students will acquire oral communication skills. Students will be able to speak English fluently with no or minimum foreign accents. Classes will be led by US native English instructors.

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 College Math

This course introduces students to mathematics generally taught in a college course for non-mathematics majors. After taking this course, students are expected to have in-depth knowledge of Probability and Statistics, Functions and Their Graphs, and other topics about algebra and geometry.

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Change Management

The course provides insights and practical tools for organizational change management bridging current theories and practical applications. The course emphasizes the aspects of successful change management. It incorporates planning, implementation, and measurement of change processes for successful and sustainable change decisions

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Attention Professors & Instructors

We invite universities and instructors (professors) from India, Bangladesh, and China to participate in creating the future of higher education.